HARISIN is a wide range of gluten free foods, especially suitable for celiac people, people with Dermatitis herpetiformis and recommended for children until the first year of age. The HARISIN products are integrated perfectly in the gluten free diets allowing to the celiac people make more balanced and varied diets without limiting their quantities. Strict practices of good manipulation are used for the production of gluten free products, from the raw materials (gluten free per nature) to the final products to avoid contaminations  so as rigorous analytical controls.


SANAVÍ  is aware of the appearance each time more usual, due the life style, of pathologies arised from a bad diet (deficiency states, intolerances, imbalances on the diet, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, constipation and other nutritional risk factors) has developed its  SANALINEA  range which help us to reach a balanced nutrition what  aim to get a good state of health.


HARIFEN is a wide range of foods with low protein and amino acid content,  especially advised for the treatment of diseases in the protein metabolism, such as Phenylketonuria  -PKU-, Chronic Renal Disease, Hepatic Disease and other metabolic disorders.

The HARIFEN products are perfectly integrated in the hypoproteic and hypercaloric diets necessary for these people, allowing them to make more balanced diets.

The diets with protein restriction where Harifen is included must be under medical, dietician or nutricionist control.  


SANASPORT are foods made to satisfy the energy needs of the sportman during an intensive and long effort, so that,  help to decrease the fatigue, increase the performance and help to a quicker recovery after the excercise. So, the complements of  minerals and vitamins in the quantities used, favour the assimilation of the carbohydrates to release energy and some of them have antioxidant effects which improve the recovery.

Sanavi Bio

Sanavi Bio includes products made with raw materials from organic farming.

The creation of an organic product line born in Sanaví several years ago when the organic culture was not established in Spain yet. Today, Sanaví has several products which allow to the customer enjoys of a healthy and balanced diet.

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