SANAVI is a company dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of foods for special diets.

All the personnel of our company must be aware of the need to guarantee compliance with the client’s requirements, even those that have not been established by him, but necessary for the proper conservation and consumption of our products. With this, the Company wishes to transmit an image of trust, at all levels, which is characterized by providing a quality service, which guarantees the safety of our products.

Likewise, we all know and assume the need to fulfill:

  • All legal and regulatory requirements that affect our activity and the requirements mutually agreed with customers.
  • The food safety objectives that are established within the framework of the context analysis and taking into account the stakeholders identified in it.
  • The manual, procedures, instructions and any other application documents or specifications.

The purpose of this Directorate is to provide quality services and products to customers, based on the planning continuous improvement of the service and a permanent innovative concern that allows anticipating market trends with regard to the sector of products for special diets and food supplements.

We must assume preventive awareness and continuous improvement, preventing possible errors, proposing solutions, communicating effectively, identifying ourselves with the objectives of the company scrupulously following the requirements that derive from our system.

We must all understand the implications that derive from this food safety policy in our daily work, both in the actions linked to the production processes and in the internal management operations. In this sense, the collaboration of all the company’s staff is requested so that the effort involved in the continuity and improvement of this System is a success.

This policy is made public, both for the people of the company, who must understand and assume it and for any interested external party, which can be consulted as established in our Food Safety System.

Signed Mª del Mar R.Garro

Directorate of Sanaví, S.A

Date: 06-07-2019

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